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Last Week was CA, This Week it’s NY

Columbia University launched its NYC Energy Consumption Mapping Project, which tracks the energy consumption of every building in NYC. The findings, while not shocking, do have some standout points. Overall, midtown Manhattan consumed the most energy while Brooklyn consumed the least, however, the SW corner of 57th and 9th (a vacant, dilapidated building) had one of the highest ratings possible – Shame! Columbia doesn’t just have their eye on New Yorkers and their energy consumption, they’re keeping watch over several trackers of various environmental concerns, including American’s generation and management of waste.

This Column is About Energy not Waste

Or is it? Who says they can’t be one in the same? This week, Enerkem, a company that turns waste into biofuels, filed for a $125 Million IPO following receipt of conditional $80 million loan guarantee from the government. Enerkem is one in a long line (“long” is relative to the biofuel sector) of companies, such as KiOR, Ceres and Renewable Energy Group, among others, that have or plan to file IPOs. Another renewable energy company, SolarCity, plans to file for an IPO, potentially as early as next month, according to Bloomberg.

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