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Google PlusIn recent news, apparently I’m a blogger who follows surveys and studies in an attempt to appear more intellectual. In more important and, dare I say, more relevant news, a recent Bloomberg/YouGov survey was released about a month after Google+ opened its doors to the public. The survey's purpose is to assess the social media trends and outlook potential of Google’s new venture after a year's time, as well as to compare it against its competitors. The results were nothing but fascinating. And we’re walking...

So, have you heard of Google+? Oh, good. You’re on top of things then, my intelligent friend. Apparently Google is this highly successful technology firm which employs nearly 25,000 people. But jobs and innovations aren't important; what IS important is the ever-growing popularity of rich social media applications and how they affect us, of course! When Google+ became available for public consumption, it almost immediately became a hot commodity. This was aided by the fact that it was primarily only available by invite only, just as Gmail was when it first was introduced in 2004. Regardless of the reasons, however, Google+’s popularity is growing.

Already 13% of adult Internet users in the US have signed up for a Google+ account with another 9% planning to sign up in the next 12 months.  Those signing up are also highly engaged:

  • 45% of users report reading content once a day or more (only Facebook’s 62% is higher among social networks)
  • 46% of Google+ users report creating content (e.g., creating updates; posting links) at least once a week.  This is on par with Twitter (42%) – which focuses on easy content creation

Did you think the above stats were brutally and/or astoundingly interesting? Wonderful—but wait! There’s more!

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